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Linkyou Popular 5D Motion Cinema

What is Linkyou 5D Cinema?

Linkyou 5D dynamic cinema is innovative cinema, integrated by 3D animation, special effects, and motion simulation. It combines with sight, hearing, smell, touch, and motion perfectly, and let you feel like be personally on the scene

Details for Linkyou 5D Cinema


Why Chose Linkyou 5D Cinema?

1.Adopt international advanced Three-dimensional animated image technology to build three-dimensional delicate image.
2.Various environment effects, form an exploration from sight, hearing, smell, touch!
3.Different seats quantity, meets various places, such as travel spot, holiday resort, etc.

Platform feature of 5D Cinema

Our customer cases

If you want to know more about Linkyou 5d cinema. Leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!
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