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Linkyou Hot Sale 7D Interactive Cinema

What is Linkyou 7D Cinema?

7D interactive cinema is a kind of innovative theater in combination of High-Tech, such as 3D animation, sensory effect, motion simulation, human-computer interaction, etc.

Details for 
Linkyou 7D Interactive Cinema

Why chose Linkyou 7d interactive cinema?

1. Multiplayer on real-time same screen against to advance in the game, real-time score!
2.Vivid 3D images with surround sound effect, create immersive game experience!
3. Thunder and lightning, rain and snow, smoke bubble, etc. a variety of environmental effects with flexible customization, comprehensive sensory stimulation!  
4. 6 degree of freedom motion platform, precise instructions to perform any displacement response, quick and accurate!
5.Advanced infrared sensor tracking technology, picked up the infrared gun to participate in the interactive games!
6.Dozens of 7D movie resources for your choice!

Platform feature of 7D cinema


Our customer cases

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