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Linkyou Six seats Virtual Reality 9D Cinema

What is Linkyou six seats virtual reality 9d cinema?

Linkyou popular six seats 9d cinema not only solve the problem about the 5d and 7d cinema’s traditional storefronts and fixed screen dependence, furthermore it break the limitation of audience numbers of the three seats 9d vr simulator. The large flow of customer traffic bring you more profit.

Why chosose Linkyou six seats virtual reality 9d cinema?

From three seats upgraded to six seats, not only bring a flow of customer traffic, but also let you make more profit.
From 5d and 7d cinema upgraded to six seats 9d cinema, the vr glasses instead of the projector. So you can run the 9d cinema in the light environment.
More fashion cool appearance, overall upgrade in light, seat, sound and modeling platform!

A breakthrough in traditional operation mode which reliance on storefront location, you can run this project in some crowded places, for example, Video Games City, Park, School, Shopping Centre, Commercial Street…
A lot of special features: beside wind, add special effect like leg sweep, seat vibration and smoke!
Promise to update at least one copyrighted, high quality movie each month for the sake of our customers’ continuous benefits.
Profit mode of Linkyou six seats 9d cinema

Details for 
Linkyou six seats 9d cinema

Item                                                 value
Voltage AC220V
Equipment power 5kw
Motor type Huada 2.3kw,1500rpm motor
Equipment actual power current 8A
Driving mode Swing arm
Tilt angle for back and forth 11°
Tilt angle for right and left 11°
Weight About 850kg
Number of seat 6
Appearance size (L * W * H) 3080*2430*2100mm
Equipment dimension before package 3080*1850*1810mm
Immersion helmet 5.5 inch HD 2K Screen │ 1440X2560 │ 534PPI

Linkyou six seats 9d cinema in exhibition

Do you want to know more about 
Linkyou six seats 9d cinema?

If you want to know more about Linkyou six seats 9d cinema. Leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!
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