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Linkyou VR Walking Virtual Reality Treadmill Simulator

What is Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill ?

The first VR Treadmill applying on commercial project all over the country, it originality mapped the player's true movement (walking, running, standing) into virtual scene, which really to meld the player’s movement and the game characters into one.

The Details for Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill

Why Chose Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill?

1.Can realize local area network for multiplayers games with more great fun!
2.Player can control the game character by running and walking, 
3. 360°panorama immersive experience,let you completely immersed into VR world! 
4.Let you play games and take exercise at the same time,kill two birds with one stone.
5.The first one has commercial function in the country; award a number of patent certification!

The profit model of  Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill

Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill In Exhibition

Do You Want Know More About Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill?

If you want to know more about Linkyou Virtual Reality Treadmill.  Leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!
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