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Linkyou virtual reality space-time shuttle vr machine

What is Linkyou space-time shuttle vr machine?

Linkyou virtual reality space-time shuttle vr machine is a double-seat flight simulator to which advanced technology is intensively applied. Players seated in the spherical cabin can experience 360°rotating motion in two vertical directions according to the flying scene in the game, fighting in an absolutely safe environment.

Why choose Linkyou space-time shuttle vr machine?
1. Capable of achieving 180°, 360°and 720° spherical flying motion, ensuring great fun!
2. Double-players experience is allowed to compete in scoring games, creating a very competitive atmosphere.
3. Allowing experience of space adventure, high speed driving, space-time travel, disaster escape and other exciting and thrilling scenes
4. With a cool design, it gives a sense of science and future and make itself an eye-catcher.
5. Its seat belt detection, lever protection, dynamic switch, coin starter and handrail assure absolute safety.
6. Its precise and sophisticated mechanical structure ensures good quality and low failure rate.  

Profit mode of Linkyou space-time shuttle vr machine

Details for 
Linkyou space-time shuttle vr machine

Linkyou space-time shuttle vr machine in exhibition

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