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Company Description
Guangzhou Linkyou Animation Technology Co., LTD, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Group. Since its establishment in 1999, enjoy great reputation throughout the world. Our main products include 5D/7D/9D cinema equipment, each seat 9d vr simulator, flight simulator, F1 racing car simulator, 360 degree car simulator…
Linkyou's Company
Linkyou's Factory
Based on its leading expertise in dynamic platform and simulation technology, Linyou once again pioneers in the virtual reality industry with the ground-breaking 9DVR simulators, vr treadmill, vibrating vr simulator and stand up flight vr simulator…
What’s more, Linyou owns an exclusive, professional film crew to develop new 9D VR films for our customers’ continuous benefits. Therefore, our film update is guaranteed and reliable, ensuring flexible and customized films well received by our customers.
Each VR film made by Linkyou has exclusive copy right. If any other brands use our copyrighted films unfairly without our written permission, we will defend our rights with legal measures, free our customers from worries of copyright infringement.
 Our film and television department

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