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Linkyou F1 interstice  car simulator

What is Linkyou F1 car simulator?

The driver plays the game by steering wheel and dynamic control system , the servo motor drives the cylinders for straight movements, which generates front-back tilt, left-right tilt, horizontal turn, front-back translation, up and down in total 6 degrees of freedom actions.

Why chose Linkyou F1 car simulator?

1.The international leading interactive control technology, which perfectly displays tilt, rotation, translation of the car simulator!!
2.The high accuracy of the servo motor makes sure the same height between the real car simulator and the car of the game. 
3.3 pieces of the 42-inch high definition screens displays the full view of the tracks, bringing you into a real F1 race track!
4.Surround sound, grating noise, engine boom, collision and various of the explosion noise make you bloody crazy! 

Details for Linkyou F1 car simulator

The profit model of 
Linkyou F1 car simulator

Our customer cases

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